Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Winter 2013 edition of Words Down the Line

Our winter warmer edition is ready for you to collect at Wivenhoe Station or look at in our 'Words Down the Line' section. There is a wry comment on 'the Christmas jumper' from Hazel Humphries.  Candyce Lange, Gloria Lloyd and Melissa Hursthouse contribute three beautiful poems of yearning. 

Here's a little more about the contributors:
Hazel Humphreys has lived in Wivenhoe for two decades and after studying philosophy and a Masters in Film Studies at Essex University and has run the town's comedy club for the last six years. An ex-pat Scouser, Hazel loves the comforting flow of both nature and language in semi-rural Essex.

Melissa Hursthouse, painter, writer, lover of all creatures great and small, writes for the sheer love of language and all that it can do.  Having previously lived in Wivenhoe, she returned 5 years ago from London after pining for the lovely 'country life'.     

Candyce Lange has been writing poetry (and fiction) since high school in Minnesota. Moved to England in 73, and now Clacton-based. A regular visitor to PoetryWivenhoe.

Gloria Lloyd is an International Organisational Development Consultant. Inspired to write prolifically after an experience whilst visiting Monet’s garden in Giverney, she has since written over 2000 poems.  Married to David, they have one Son Matthew and spend many happy hours in their holiday home in St Osyth.

The leaflet has been designed  by Charmaine McKissock.