Getting involved

If you would like to help in some way - big or small - we'd be very pleased to hear from you. Please email and he will pass on your emails to the relevant person who can help you. You might like to:
  • Contribute illustrations, art and craft work, and writing
  • Let us have books to recycle
  • Help mount exhibitions and organise special events
  • Liaise with artists, groups and schools
  • Maintain the blog
  • Help in the Station garden
  • Give us feedback and ideas…

We cannot promise to display or publish all pieces of work submitted to us, but we will acknowledge every contribution and keep it in mind for a possible future use. 

Guidelines for art & craft submitting work to us

Please don’t be shy! Send us your work or email George McKissock at if you would like to apply to exhibit your art or craft work or to discuss it further. We will not always be able to publish or exhibit your work, as it may not be quite what we are looking for at that point in time. But we will always acknowledge it and give you some feedback, if you wish. We keep work on file so that we may use it at a later date.

Here are the different possibilities for you to consider:

The Crab and Winkle Gallery on Platform 2
The 3 poster cabinets are 29’ x 40’ (62.5cm x 101.5cm) – between an A1 and A0 size.
Most artists supply us with A1 size works/poster prints which are 23 inches width:by 33 inches height (width 594cm by height 841 cm)

They are generally viewed at a distance from platform 1 and therefore bold large designs work best, but we will consider any interesting suggestions. Paper artworks can get damp, so we suggest printed copies of artworks, if you are worried about them. We can recommend some good and low-priced printers to you.

We can lend you boards on which to mount your work on in advance. These boards will be used again so please bear this in mind when mounting/attaching work to them. We generally use sticky velcro strips to attach work to the boards. Artists sometimes cover the mount in paper and then stick their work to the paper.

The Booking Office cabinets
The 2 cabinets are approx 55.8cm x 75.4cm – landscape direction. They can take work up to a maximum of 4.5cm in depth. There is a plastic insert that can be used as a mounting board and measures 65.5cm by 45.5cm. The cabinets are at a height of approximately 10ft, so again need to be appreciated at a distance, albeit a more intimate one than the Crab and Winkle displays We can show textile and any other craft that will fit easily in the cabinets and look good at a distance. The pieces are not directly for sale, but we will put up a descriptor of the artist/craft person, should anybody want to contact them.

Platform 1 cabinet
We use this A1 poster for poetry or other writing, sometimes linked to Platform 2 exhibitions

Words Down the Line
To give you some examples of a typical publication, please click here. We publish poems (no longer than 30 lines of Arial font size 11 and 45 characters per line) short stories and non-fiction (no longer than 60 lines of Arial font size 11 and 45 characters per line.)
Please contact Sue Dawes to offer your writing for publication:

We ask artists to produce a simple statement about themselves and their work (about a third of an A4) and some photographs of their pieces to put on our blog.

Please do not hesitate to email Charmaine or George for more information or advice.To contact us, please email