Saturday, 1 August 2015

Children's poetry competition 2015.

Out of the 233 entries in our poetry competition, 1st place was awarded to Martha Jane Thomas, age 10 of Elmstead Primary School, 2nd place was awarded to Jake Guy, age 8, of Broomgrove Primary school, 3rd place to Luke Triscott, age 10 of Elmstead Primary School, and 4th place to Sulafah, age 10, of Broomgrove Primary School.  Runners up included: Callum Burgess, Gemma Coppel, Edward Crysell,  Ruthie Brooks-Steele, Alfie and Jole Peter Thomson.
Copies of WDTL can be found at Wivenhoe Station and on our WDTL page.
These were the comments from the judge, Alex Toms, on the winners:

1st Place : 'The Butterfly's Visit' by Martha Jane Thomas
From the first line, I knew this poem would be special! Many poems try to capture those fleeting, inexpressible moments we all have, and this poem brilliantly does just that . The simple, but lyrical language builds up to the final, beautiful image of the butterfly's "feather of a body/ perch[ing] itself on [the speaker's] hand". Well done, Martha Jane!

2nd Place: 'Birth of Sunflowers' by Jake Guy
Abracazebra!! Just like the sunflowers, this poem jumped out at me with its inventiveness and originality. There are some memorable moments in this poem, for example, the "Cyclops marching" and the seeds like zebras. I'd like to see more poems by Jake in the future.

3rd Place: 'Message for the fielder who caught me out' by Luke Triscott
I chose this poem simply because it makes me laugh! I've read it several times and it never fails to bring a smile to my lips!

4th Place: 'Summer' by Sulafah
Cuckoos featured in many of the poems I judged, but Sulafah was the only poet who thought of using the actual sound a cuckoo makes as a refrain. This poem is simple, but beautiful and effective.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

The Summer edition of WDTL - in time for Wivenhoe Regatta.

With prose and poetry by Candyce Lange, Bryan Thomas, Philippa Hawley and Heather Edwards. Illustrations by Charmaine McKissock, produced by Sue Dawes. Please see our dedicated 'WDTL' page for more information.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Winter edition of WDTL

The new edition of WDTL is now at Wivenhoe station, beautifully illustrated by Charmaine McKissock.  Biographies of our writers can be found on the dedicated 'WDTL' page on this blog.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

January to March 2015 exhibition

The three exhibitors are Olga Brynza, who makes digital collages based on Soviet songs; John Morgan whose illustrated poems stem from his love of combining visual art, poetry and folksong; and Colin McAllistter whose drawing interests include cartooning and off the beaten track scenes of his hometown Colchester. 

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