In the 3 poster cabinets on Platform 2, and in the Booking Hall cabinets, we exhibit art in various kinds of media, produced by local artists, both amateur and professional. The exhibits are usually viewed from Platform 1 across the railway tracks, to cheer up the morning commuters and delight/challenge/inspire travelers awaiting their trains. 


Winter 2016


Booking Hall Cabinets

Installations by artist-musician Fiona Harmon:
‘The materials I use for artwork are found in the waterways of Nth East Essex, mostly driftwood and bits of broken boats, washers and rusty metal. I don’t weather the wood or saw or manipulate the pieces to fit: if they don’t fit in the form I find them in, then I don’t use that piece in my work.

These bits of scrap all have a history, a journey they have been on and they remind me of the shipbuilders, shipyard and sailors that used to be on the river. Sadly, I know only two fishermen in a village that used to have many, and the shipyard is no more. So in some way this is my homage to them.’

To purchase a piece, contact:

Platform 1: Poetry cabinet

“An Essex Calendar” by Wivenhoe Artist Hilary Lazell and poet-writer-musician Martin Newell: Illustrations of twelve verses, take the viewer through the months of the year. Essex is a very beautiful county, if anyone cares to take the byways and pathways rather than the motorways. Maybe this calendar could help us all to slow down for a while, see what is right in front of our eyes and realise that it is worth taking the time to enjoy it.

Platform 2: Crab & Winkle Gallery

Photographs of Wivenhoe Station in Bygone Days from  John Stewart's Memories Collection


Autumn 2016

'Cat Adventures' by Wivenhoe Artist Reka Komoli



 Reka's photographic art usually explores the uncanny and the nature of identity. But you can't be serious all the time: this exhibition is a re-imagining of Reka's two Main Coon cats, Artemis and Apollo, exploring Wivenhoe. The cats' antics have led her to create a light-hearted series of captioned pictures on Instagram @ the maincoonlife. 


Platform 2: Crab & Winkle Gallery

“Lost”: ‘The best time to agree on who is bringing the map is before setting off, not after getting lost.’

“Confused”: ‘How can a creature grow that big on a diet of grass?’

“Which way is home?”: ‘Strange views, strange sounds, strange smells, yet no tuna in sight.’

Booking Hall Cabinets
Left-hand cabinet:
“Which way to the Catnip Cafe?”: ‘Navigating can be hard when the stomach is empty.’
Right-hand cabinet:
“Was that the last ferry over there?”: ‘If you going to be stranded somewhere, make it Wivenhoe at sunset by the River Colne.’

  Summer 2016

'Inner Worlds' by Maggie Bernstein

Maggie Bernstein - Artist’s Statement: ‘For me, painting has become a means of expressing ideas, thoughts and feelings. None of the paintings here are from the actual. All of the paintings exhibited here first resided in my imagination. Many authors describe their writing as painting pictures with words. I believe that my paintings are my way of putting my words and ideas into pictorial form.’

Platform 2: Crab & Winkle Gallery

Synapse Firing”: ‘This is my attempt to show what happens in my brain when I am thinking about creating a painting. It is colour, composition and imagination all combined.’

Tree”: ‘The colour harmonies produced by nature in the body of an old tree makes me think about the human condition as we age. Quite often the young and green ignore our colourful histories.’

“Confusion”: ‘Life events can cause a corruption of the brain’s workings and the resultant panic causes disturbance, disorder and alienation.’

Booking Hall Cabinets
Left-hand cabinet:
“Sunset”: End of day in a seascape where lines are blurred and definition disappears.

Right-hand cabinet:
“Struggle for Light”: All of us struggle in the thicket of life to reach understanding.

Spring 2016


Charmaine McKissock exhibits the illustrations she has made at Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary in St Osyth. These charming and quirky illustrations of some of the rescued animals are available as posters and greeting cards. Contact or Greenland Grove Animal Sanctuary.


Winter 2015

Dr Clinton Hale's Photography

Dr Clinton Hale is a retired G.P, having practiced in Wivenhoe for 27 yrs. Photography began for him when aged 17, he bought a 35 mm film Single Lens Reflex camera.

Subjects & interests: include landscape, especially cloudscapes, sunrise/sunset, travel, macro (close-up) particularly dragonflies, snow and frost.

Whilst working as a doctor, he had many dermatology photographs published in medical journals.A recent trip to Vietnam and Cambodia introduced him to street photography and capturing people.

Recently he rediscovered “black and white” both digital and occasionally Ilford FP4 film, having been inspired by Ansel Adams.

Summer-Autumn 2015

'Inspired by the Colne Estuary' by Alex Tzirinis


Alex has a BA in Art and Design (Colchester Institute) and an MA in History and Philosophy of Modern Art (University of Essex). He paints landscapes using oils and occasionally acrylics. His work is characterised by vivid colours and impressionistic, visible brushstrokes which blend into each other to create unique immersive pieces. The featured pieces are inspired by Wivenhoe’s maritime heritage. These 3 paintings depict small pleasure boats usually moored around the Quay. Alex is intrigued that these boats spend most of their lives marooned in the mud and then suddenly one fine summer day, when the tide is high and the sky is blue, they sail away in the open sea for a brief spell of freedom and adventure.


Artwork by trainees at Level Best Art Cafe, a workskills training centre in Colchester


Platform 2: Crab & Winkle Gallery

Trainee artist, Sam Carter, exhibits poster paintings of her favourite rock stars.  She  has been drawing portraits of musicians and bands for some time. Asked to work on a much bigger scale, Sam chose three of her favourites: Ronnie Radke, Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance (Punk Pop Band) and Jack Barakat. 

 Booking Hall Cabinets

The repeat screen printed calico is inspired by a Moroccan pattern and was made by Kelly Wright and Olivia Sampson in their art session.

The brooches were inspired by Milan Cathedral and made by Lucinda Kersley assisted by Colin McAllister and Olga Brynza.

The little blue backpack was designed and made by Kayleigh Marshall with help from Jane Ostler, and shows an embroidered mouse with a parasol, a bird and a butterfly. 

Contact: ArtC@Level Best TEL: 01206 366059

This exhibition was curated by Jane Ostler of Level Best Art Cafe




                                  OLGA BRYNZA    in the Booking Hall



'I make digital collages based on Soviet songs,
childhood memories and political symbols from the
Lenin, Stalin and Soviet periods of Russian history.
“House standing”  regards my childhood memory
and represents my grandmother's room, where I
used to grow. The memory of my childhood during
the last 10-15 years of communism often features
in my work.
“Chernenko funeral” features a monkey which I use
as a symbol of the ugliness and degeneration of the
Soviet political system. The monkey is happy as he
is happy to die. Chernenko was already ill when he
came to power and died shortly after that. The
table has Easter objects.
I hope to continue produce more collages and find
more places to exhibit my work. I have an advanced
GNVQ in Fine Art, a in BA in Fine Art from the
Colchester Institute and an MA in Fine Art from
London Metropolitan University.'
To contact Olga: 01206 369502

                 COLIN MCALLISTER  AKA SNUBLIC   on Platform 2




'My drawing interests include cartooning and scenes
of my hometown which are off the beaten tourist
track. Colchester has a number of landmarks but
many more charming relics of its history which I have
chosen to catalogue (before they are changed or
removed completely). The work in this show is a mix
of my detailed pen style of last decade and my
attempts at more chiaroscuro and photo reality in
black and white ink. Featuring ‘Scenes of the
Colchester Roman Wall’at Balkerne Gate and the
bottom of North Hill, The Old brewery tower on
East Hill and a fallen tree I was fond of visiting in
Highwoods country park in 2012. All pictures were
completed from photographs and began life in pencil.
My website hosts all my cartoons and drawings,
visit for more. '
1 "Colchester Roman Wall" 2008. 16x23"
   (original) pen on paper.
2 "Underwood"  2012. 16x23"
   (original) Indian ink on paper.
3 "Eaglegate Brewery" 2013. 16x23"
   (original) Indian ink on paper.

All opinions expressed are the artists’ own 

Autumn-Winter 2014 Exhibition

ARTCO@ Level Best

View from train of exhibition on Platform 2
'Jane Ostler who runs ARTCO is also the current curator of Crab and Winkle and she decided it would be fab to feature our work this winter. The show is titled "Bee on a Bicycle" and it takes the theme of winter cycling combined with care for the natural world, avoiding using motorised transport, and its inherent carbon emissions.

The work has been a team effort from many hands in ARTCO and Credit goes to;
Grant Owens
Ryan Sadler-Smith
Dean Smith
Naomi Turpin
Danny Tyson
Olivia Sampson
Simon Waller
Felix Rogers
Andrew Gwilt
Kelly Wright
Christina Waldron
Saffron Harper
Derek Dodds for helping create the different works.

The show is a mix of visual arts and poetry and below is a poem we coined specially for the show

"The Travelling Bee

I have pollen in my panniers
I am a bee on a bicycle;
I fly to the hive to make money,
But I don’t need it to make honey !
(Mine is sweeter with clover,
Bees are needed all over).

I wither in winter unless
I make a bee line to my nest.
Don’t be an icycle
Be on a bicycle,
Carry it on to the train,
(Upon your arrival, sit back on your saddle
And ride it until you get home).
Trains and bicycles can help to save the World!

Buzzing along the quiet roads
No cars or lorries with big loads
Time to hear and smell and see
The wonders of this country
For an economical bee like me.

Snowflakes are falling
Engines are stalling,
My bike’s in a swarm
And I’m keeping warm.
It could be a drop in the ocean,
Let’s get this thing in motion.

Do I cycle on ice?
At the close of the day
No one wants a slice
Of something not nice!"

An added bonus for us was a trip on the train from Colchester town station to Wivenhoe on the afternoon of Friday 31st October, to hang the work and we were blessed with sun and no rain! As ever our trainees excelled and were very professional in getting the work on display.

The show will run until 9th January 2015 and can be seen by anyone passing through or stopping at Wivenhoe train station.

For more information contact: Level Best Art Cafe

D'Arcy House, 3 Culver Street East, Colchester, CO1 1LD

Supporting adults with special needs 01206 366059


Summer 2014 Exhibition

Wivenhoe Artist: Jane Watson 


Platform 2

Three  paintings entitled “Sid”, Maggie” and “Ruby”
Part of a series of paintings of pets belonging to family and friends focusing on their personalities.


Booking Hall Cabinets

Left-hand cabinet:  ‘Red Dinghy’ by Jane Watson, canvas print of oil on card painting of a red dinghy sitting in the mud on the River Colne.
Right-hand cabinet:  Red Sky over the River” by Jane Watson, canvas print of acrylic on card painting.

Jane Watson is a self taught Artist.  Jane likes to paint boldly with bright colours in oil or acrylic and has produced a collection of colourful paintings of various subject matters. 
Jane says “there is a passion within my soul that drives me to experiment with colour primarily and with different shapes and ideas”.  Her inspiration comes from nature and particularly the changing landscape around the river with the rise and fall of the tide.  You can see more of Jane’s work on her website  Jane also produces a range of colourful greetings cards.


Spring 2014 Exhibition

“Wivenhoe Wild about Wildlife”



Platform 1: Poetry cabinet

The Mice by Jo Gould: “This poem is about the everyday things that we hang on to, which can mean more to us than conventional heirlooms. I love living in Wivenhoe and spending time walking, watching wildlife and getting dirty in the garden.The poem is illustrated by Glyn Evans’ beautiful and rare photo of a Wood Mouse taking a drink from the bird bath in his Wivenhoe garden.

Platform 2: Crab & Winkle Gallery

Bee and Buddleia by Debbie Taylor: “A Wivenhoe resident since 1987, much of my art, sculpture and photography showcases my passion for wildlife. Our conservatory presents nature’s glorious range and the buddleia attracts summer wildlife at arm’s length, including the ultimate unsung hero, the bumblebee.”

Stag Beetle by Chris Gibson:   Returning to Wivenhoe in 2011 after 25 years, I was pleased to see that the Stag Beetles which enlivened my first forays into Essex natural history were still there. Take a walk at dusk in late June, and you too can see Britain’s largest beetle in one of its favoured locations.

Five-spot Burnet by Chris Gibson:  Challenging the myth that moths are dull and boring, the flowery meadows surrounding Wivenhoe Wood are buzzing in high summer with these gorgeous day-fliers.

Booking Hall Cabinets


Left-hand cabinet:   
The Little Owl by Glyn Evans: “The photo was taken looking up into a mature oak, from a hiding place in a nearby bush, in a well-established breeding site in Wivenhoe. The Owl could see bits of me, but wasn’t quite sure what it was looking at!

Right-hand cabinet:  
The Kingfisher by Glyn Evans: “This long-awaited shot took 2 years to get: I needed just the right opportunity with the sun on the bird’s back and before it had seen me. Worth getting wet and muddy hands and knees, as I approached on all fours between the blades of grass!

Wivenhoe Watching Wildlife is a team of local wildlife enthusiasts who share their passion with their community through a continuous programme of walks, talks and events. On the Wivenhoe Forum website, you will also find an online diary of sightings, advice and anecdotes. Where possible, the events raise money for local charities, but the primary purpose (if there needs to be one) for the group is to raise awareness of how to celebrate and cherish our beautiful environment and all its inhabitants.

Contact Chris Gibson:



January/April 2014 Exhibition

“Telling Stories” with Hilary Lazell,
Charmaine McKissock and Alison Stockmarr

About Wivenhoe artist Hilary Lazell
Hilary is proud to be an Essex Girl.  She has been scribbling away with pens, pencils, ink and paper for most of her life.  The combination of words and pictures is fundamental to all her work and this exhibition is no exception.  There is a story within every picture.  So just stop for a little while and let the imagination do the rest.

  Platform 1:
“An Essex Calendar” by Hilary Lazell: Illustrations of twelve verses, originally created from a poem written by Martin Newell, take the viewer through the months of the year.   Essex is a very beautiful county, if anyone cares to take the byways and pathways rather than the motorways. Maybe this calendar could help us all to slow down for a while, see what is right in front of our eyes and realise that it is worth taking the time to enjoy it.

Platform 2: Crab & Winkle Gallery
“Red Riding Hood” by Hilary Lazell: Fairy tales have deep and often scary meanings lurking within them and they have fascinated people over many generations.  Here we have a hungry wolf contemplating his next meal which comes beautifully packaged in a lovely red cape.  Now that is sufficient to give pause for thought, isn't it?
“Does my bottom look big in this?”  Illustration of one of the fairies from a series of “Fairies with Attitude”.  The collection tries to portray fairies in a more realistic way.  After all, why should a fairy be expected to spend all her time flittering around, bestowing wishes and gifts to everyone and sundry when actually she is just having a bad day?

“Mr Mule's Progress” is a work in progress that appeared on the drawing board only recently.  Here is a new character that is determined to go places.  He has big dreams and skinny legs.  What could possibly go wrong?

 Booking Hall Cabinets
Left-hand cabinet:  ‘The Magic Suitcase of Makedoandmend’ by Alison Stockmarr, is a wise and witty storybook with collage pictures, set in a land where recycling is woven into the fabric of everyday life, but things weren’t always so…

Right-hand cabinetCharmaine McKissock illustrates the ‘Amazing Storytelling Cat’ (below) a collection of stories by Jan Williams.


November/December 2013 Exhibition

  “Underground Maps Unleashed” by Maxwell Roberts & Liz Newton



About the maps on Platform 1:  Decorative maps
These two decorative maps are intended to delight waiting passengers rather than send them on their way. One is inspired by the organic fluid exuberance of Art Nouveau; the other by the more geometric style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.


About the maps on Platform 2: Selection of Maxwell’s modern rule-breaking maps
Paris and London are shown with lines flowing effortlessly and harsh corners smoothed away. They are not intended to be more geographically correct, simply easier on the eye. The Paris map is 50% faster for journey planning compared with the official version. New York, Paris and London are shown using concentric circles and spokes. These dramatic designs force the networks into unprecedented levels of organisation. Now their elements, and how these relate together, can be seen clearly. 

About the pieces in the Ticket Hall:  Festive and playful maps
An embroidered version of the London curvy map, as used on the cover of ‘Underground Maps Unravelled’; and a special festive design, made from tinsel.


You can read more about Maxwell Roberts and Liz Newton on our Home page. 

Maxwell’s website:


September/October 2013

  From September: Exhibition by Alison Stockmarr

Theatres of Thought

Booking Office and Platforms: Featuring Alison's latest work of ‘The Magic Suitcase of Makedoandmend’ is a wise and witty storybook with collage pictures, set in a land where recycling is woven into the fabric of everyday life, but things weren’t always so…


Posters of ‘London and Wivenhoe scenes’ by Miles Black

On Platform 2, Crab & Winkle Gallery, a precocious talent to watch out for: Miles is now aged 7 and joins a long tradition of Wivenhoe artists. He works with great commitment using charcoal and poster-paints, especially still life and landscapes. His dream is to be a professional artist, such as Monet, Picasso, or Van Gogh.

From October: Poster for Wiv Words Festival presenting ‘Paperformance’

Local Wivenhoe artists, Sue Dawes and Charmaine McKissock, present quirky, fantastical handmade books to surprise and delight all ages at Wiv Words, Wivenhoe’s first literary festival.

July/August 2013

  Exhibition by Jane Ostler

About the pieces on Platform 2

These images are all prints, reproduced from oil or watercolor paintings.

Image 1:  “Sailing on the other side of the universe”  

The original painting is 2 meters tall and was the first picture I made after moving here. It was made to tackle the sense of isolation I felt being away from the life and locations I had known before.   I believe images have power to alter our state of mind and by choosing to paint a ship I was making a decision to engage with the maritime tradition of the sea farer.






Image 2: “Balancing the good and the bad”

This painting grew from a feeling of futility after the Kyoto Protocol failed to be ratified.   I tried to show a healing force coming through even though getting a global consensus on environmental issues is difficult.  Mankind strives to find balance.  If local communities collaborate for long term gain, we can thrive.   Art, health and the health of our world are all mixed up.

Image 3: “Oranges off Yarmouth”

Two shipwrecks off Great Yarmouth shed a cargo of oranges, one during 1WW, the other in December 1948 when the steamer Bosphorous ran aground on the Happisburgh Sands.  Like a miracle large quantities of oranges were bobbing on the sea.  I read about this in a book on East Anglian shipwrecks borrowed from Frinton Library.  It seemed to sum up the sense of wonder I wanted to feel about being alive.  How we mustn’t give up being amazed at the unexpected blessings we can discover on an ordinary day.

About Jane Ostler

I was born in Tonbridge in 1958. I studied at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham 1976-1980 and Goldsmiths, London 1983-5.  In 1987 I was Printmaker in Residence at Peterborough General Hospital. My husband Paul and I moved to Essex with our three young children in 1996.  In 2003 I was Artist in Residence for National AIDS DAY at Colchester Borough Council and since 2007 I have worked as Art Development Officer at the Level Best ArtCafe, Colchester. My art studio is a small space in the back of our garage.   I work on large paintings in the garden in summer when the weather permits.

Contact Jane: 07941837433 email:



March/April 2013

 'Dreaming the Past' by Adrian Multon

'Dreaming the Past' photograph by Adrian Multon, incorporating a drawing by Charmaine McKissock
Adrian Multon is delighted to be part in this exhibition marking 150 years of Wivenhoe Railway Station. Off the Rails commissioned Adrian Multon to create the above photograph on the theme of the present and the past of Wivenhoe Station.  'Dreaming the Past' uses cutting edge skill to incorporate a line drawing by Charmaine McKissock into the composition. This gives a dreamy ghostly feel to the atmosphere of the picture.
Adrian is a freelance commercial photographer. His commissioned work includes product, advertising, catalogue and editorial photography.Adrian also works with individuals and groups of all ages to improve their photographic and image editing skills.In 2010 he ran a series of one day Photoshop Workshops at the Nottage.

Adrian's personal work nestles somewhere between fantasy and reality, and is broadly guided by the pictorialist movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.He has exhibited in Colchester, London, Brighton, San Francisco and, of course, his adopted home town of nearly 20 years, Wivenhoe. His work has been published in various books and magazines, including front covers for Fusion Flowers and Colchester 101 magazines.


Adrian belongs to the Wivenhoe Photography Group (WPG). WPG is an informal collective of photographers who meet once or twice a month to take pictures and discuss photography in the context of the wider art world. They also undertake the occasional group exhibition.They are not a camera club, so it doesn't matter the size of your equipment - just what you do with it.They do not charge any subs, and the only criteria for joining are enthusiasm for art and a relaxed attitude to life.

‘Lines’: Photograph by Will K Davis 

The work of Wivenhoe-based photographer, Will K Davis has been published in a number of photographic journals, including Practical Photography and PhotoPlus. He is the Winner of the National Gallery’s ‘Exploring The Landscape’ 2013 competition. ‘Lines’ is an abstract photograph of the Wivenhoe railway lines, created specifically to celebrate 150 years of the Wivenhoe Railway Line. 

 Website is:

Wivenhoe Station Past and Present by Miles Black

Off the Rails commissioned artist Miles Black from Wivenhoe to design a poster for Wivenhoe Station’s 150th anniversary. Miles is now aged 7 and joins a long tradition of Wivenhoe artists. He works with great commitment using charcoal and poster-paints, especially still life and landscapes. His dream is to be a professional artist, such as Manet, Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh, Renoir, and Henri Rousseau.


Wivenhoe Station from 'Wivenhoe Memories' curated by John Stewart  

 These photographs of Wivenhoe station and station staff from past times have been donated by the curator of Wivenhoe Memories exhibition, John Stewart, to Off the Rails for their special 150th Anniversary celebration in May 2013.


Spring 2013

Oil painting by Jane Ostler

For our Spring exhibition, in the Booking Office Cabinets, you will find two new oil paintings by Jane Ostler: ‘Japanese Cherry’ and ‘Matisse in Nature’. They explore themes of the impermanence of beauty, loss, and the changing cycles of life and nature.

Jane was born in Tonbridge in 1958. She studied at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham 1976-1980 and Goldsmiths, London 1983-5. In 1987 she was Printmaker in Residence at Peterborough General Hospital. Her family moved to Essex in 1996. In 2003 she was Artist in Residence for National AIDS DAY at Colchester Borough Council and since 2007 she has worked as Art Development Officer at the Level Best ArtCafe, Colchester.

To contact Jane: 07941837433 - email:

Broomgrove Junior School: "Africa"

Broomgrove Junior School is a two-form entry school, situated in Wivenhoe, with eight classes, catering for children aged 7-11. The school caters for all ranges of ability and has a large number of pupils from around the world; it is close to Essex University. The curriculum offered by the school is broad, deep and exciting, and the school prides itself in teaching skills within the context of the National Curriculum to enable lifelong learning; providing a sound foundation for each child’s future education.  In addition, the school shares a swimming pool on-site with the infant school, which is used in the summer, and very few pupils leave the school unable to swim.
For more information:

February 2013

Juliet Lockhart

Sealskin Soulskin
Juliet’s work is based on the story ‘Sealskin, Soulskin’, written by Dr Clarrissa Pinkerton Est├ęs, which re-tells the story of a man who steals the skin of a woman-seal, imprisons her on land, but loses her when their child finds the skin and releases her back to the sea, and freedom.Juliet is a sculptor and installation artist and works in various media.  

December 2012

Little Avenues Pre-School

Little Avenues Pre-school is located in the bungalow in the grounds of Broomgrove School. The pre-school is for children from aged 2 years- rising 5's and is run by experienced and highly qualified practitioners. Contact Jane or Marie on

November 2012

Wivenhoe Photographic Group: Adrian Multon & Pauline Rendall

WPG is an informal collective of photographers who meet once or twice a month to take pictures and discuss photography in the context of the wider art world. They also undertake the occasional group exhibition. The group is not a camera club, so it doesn't matter the size of your equipment - just what you do with it. There are no subs, and the only criteria for joining are enthusiasm for art and a relaxed attitude to life. email:

September 2012

Wivenhoe PreSchool

Wivenhoe Preschool, based at the Congregational Church Hall in Wivenhoe, is an Ofsted registered, parent-led pre-school. The Pre-school caters for children from 2 years old to reception age, and specialises in Makaton and Behavioural Management. This is a small, safe playgroup, with excellent facilities, open Monday-Friday (term -time only). For more information or to visit call 0759 4580055 or 07792127089

August 2012

Jonathan Scott
The new exhibition on platform 2, is a series of scenes of Wivenhoe, captured by local photographer Jonathan Scott.  Jonathan's interest in photography started more than 10 years ago but it is only in the last 2 years that he has started to take it more seriously.  He prefers to take seascapes, landscapes and fine art; experimenting with black and white images and spot colour.  He tries to keep the images as close to natural as possible. John has had his photographs appear in national magazine 'water craft.'  To view more of his work, or to purchase an original, please visit his facebook page. or email him

July 2012

Broomgrove Infants School

Broomgrove Infants School is situated in Wivenhoe. Please see their website for detailed information and plenty of photographs. Contact:

  June 2012

Juliet Lockhart
Culpeper Remedy series

A sense of place and the myriad of stories that lie within are paramount to Juliet's work.

The Culpeper series was made at a time when she and her two children had to leave their home and find a new place to settle. It was not a move that any of them really wanted. One of the hardest things to leave were the plants she had grown and nurtured in her garden. All the plants used in the images come from the garden there.

At the time she was thinking about those times in our lives when we lose our voice. Whether it is taken from us, or we chose to lock it deep inside of ourselves or it becomes the struggle to express what we feel, many of use experience this lose to some degree.

So she turned to Culpeper to discover what plants he used to treat all things oral, ailments of mouth and throat. Juliet layered his story with hers and that of her children.

More than ten years later when she is revisiting these images she is still wondering and working with those whose voice has been lost for whatever reason.

Much of Juliet's work is site specific and always includes story.  The work either springs from a tale or becomes the inspiration for a new telling.  Culpeper features again in these two pieces with thistles and roses.  The work also reflects her passion for all forms of puppetry; shadows make their presence known in this tale of betrayal, jealousy and a timely reminder that revenge is best served cold.

May 2012

Millfields Primary School

Millfields Primary School caters for children aged between 4-11, and is located in Wivenhoe.  The aim of the school is to provide a caring environment for children and as such, offers a wide range of balanced learning opportunities for all children to help them grow into independent and responsible people.  Among its awards, Millfields have been presented with the School Achievement Award in 2002 for achieving better results in 2001 than other comparable schools, and the Schools Curriculum Award for its work in developing and strengthening positive links with the local community. The school aims and philosophy can be summarised as:
‘Caring People; Happy, Confident Learners; High Achievers.’
To contact the school please email: or call 01206 823044

April 2012

Daisy Stone

Daisy is a pupil at the Colne Community School, and at just 16, this is her first solo photographic display. Her photos are a mixture of family, her favourite band 'All time low', pets and familiar places.

March 2012

Broomgrove Junior School


February 2012

Jacqueline South

Jacqueline South is a Wivenhoe artist who draws commissions in pencil, pastel and watercolour, from photographs. She also produces a range of cards and prints using her illustrations, which are available online or at her Wivenhoe address.   Jacqueline supports many of the local craft fairs and this is where I first saw her beautiful portraits.  To see more, take a look at her website.


The Avenue Playgroup

The Avenue playgroup caters for children between the ages of 2 years 6 months to school age and offers a variety of sessions.  It can be found in the Methodist Church, on the Avenue, in Wivenhoe.  For more information about this playgroup call Jane or Marie on 01206 824594 or email

December 2012

Annie Fennymore
For more information on Annie or to purchase her pictures please visit

November 2011

The 2nd Wivenhoe Rainbows

The 2nd Wivenhoe Rainbows display in the Crab and Winkle Gallery, on Platform 2. They meet on a Friday between 5.30-6.30, in the Congregational Hall.

October 2011

Martha Haversham

Martha is a Wivenhoe artist, who has exhibited in London and Munich.  She also designs cards which can be purchased at the Firstsite gallery in Colchester.

September 2011

The Colne Community School