Sunday, 19 January 2014

Telling Stories

January to April 2014

The 'Telling Stories'  exhibition is an enchanting collection from three Wivenhoe illustrators of stories: Hilary Lazell, Charmaine McKissock, and Alison Stockmarr.

The main exhibitor is Wivenhoe artist Hilary Lazell. Hilary has been scribbling away with pens, pencils, ink and paper for most of her life.  The combination of words and pictures is fundamental to all her work and this exhibition is no exception.  “An Essex Calendar” on platform 1 Illustrates twelve verses, originally created from a poem written by Martin Newell.

Charmaine McKissock and Alison Stockmarr both contribute quirky illustrations previously published alongside children's stories. 

There is a story within every picture in this charming and thought-provoking exhibition.  So just stop for a little while and let the imagination do the rest...