Sunday, 24 June 2012

Missing cat

Please look out for Trixabell while you are on your travels.  She has been missing from Station road since Wednesday and has a fluffy, stumpy tail. 
Thank you

Friday, 22 June 2012

Culpeper's remedies-Platform One

A little bit of background on the Culpeper remedies used in Juliet Lockhart's exhibition.    Now on Platform One.

Nettle… consumes the phlegmatic superfluities in the body of man that the coldness and moistness of winter hath left behind. …. is a safe and sure medicine to open the pipes and passages of the lungs, which is the cause of wheezing and shortness of breath, and helps to expectorate tough phlegm, as also to raise the imposthumed pleurisy; and spend it by spitting; the same helps the swelling of the almonds of the throat, the mouth and throat being gargled therewith.
...The seed of this Star Thistle made into powder, and drank in wine, provokes urine, and helps to break the stone, and drives it forth. The root in powder, and given in wine, and drank, is good against the plague and pestilence: and drank in the morning fasting for some time together, it is very profitable for a fistule in ay part of the body. 
…the great comfrey helpeth those that spit blood:…the root boiled in water or wine, and the decoction drunk, helpeth all inward hurts, bruises, and wounds, and the ulcers of the lungs, causing the phlegm that oppresseth them to be easily spit forth; it stayeth the defluxions of rheum from the head upon the lungs…
…Red Roses strengthen the heart, the stomach and the liver, and the retentive faculty; they mitigate the pains that arise from heat, assuage inflammations, procure rest and sleep, stay both whites and reds in women, the gonorrhea, or running of the reins, and fluxes of the belly. The juice of them doth purge and cleanse the body from choler and phlegm.

Extracts and drawings taken from Culpeper’s Herbal Remedies written by Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654), first published in 1814

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

June's writing

June's WDTL is now at the station, beautifully illustrated by Charmaine McKissock.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Calling local artists

Here's a link to the Slack space facebook page.  They are looking for work to exhibit...

Monday, 11 June 2012

More about Juliet Lockhart and her exhibition

Juliet Lockhart
Culpeper Series

 I asked Juliet to explain the ideas and thoughts behind her work on platform 2:

"A sense of place and the myriad of stories that lie within are paramount in my work.
 The Culpeper series was made at a time when my two children and I had to leave our home and find a new place to settle.  It was not a move that any of us really wanted.  One of the hardest things to leave were the plants that I had grown and nurtured in the garden.  All the plants used in the images come from the garden there.
 At the time I was thinking about those times in our lives when we lose our voice.  Whether it is taken from us, or we chose to lock it deep inside of ourselves or it becomes the struggle to express what we feel, many of use experience this lose to some degree.
 So I turned to Culpeper to discover what plants he used to treat all things oral, ailments of mouth and throat.  I layered his story with mine and that of my children.
 More than ten years later when I am revisiting these images I am still wondering and working with those whose voice has been lost for whatever reason.
 Much of my work is site specific and always includes story.  The work either springs from a tale or becomes the inspiration for a new telling.  Culpeper features again in these two pieces with thistles and roses.  The work also reflects my passion for all forms of puppetry; shadows make their presence known in this tale of betrayal, jealousy and a timely reminder that revenge is best served cold.

To find out more about Juliet and to explore more of her work visit:

Jubilee June

The new 'Words Down the Line' has been printed and is in the process of being folded.  It will be down at the station soon!

Sunday, 3 June 2012

June's exhibition by Juliet Lockhart

The new exhibition on platform 2 is by local artist, Juliet Lockhart.  Juliet is a visual artist, and her work is part written, printed, stitched, and constructed.  She works in many mediums including fabric, paper, wood, metal, natural objects, and fibre.
This exhibition is entitled 'Culpeper', and takes its inspiration from three elements: the 16th Century Herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper; photographs of plants Juliet has grown (which Culpeper used in the treatment of all things oral); and her children. 
For more information about the artist and to view more of her stunning work please see her website.
We hope to have a poster on Platform One shortly, which will describe some of Culpeper's remedies; specifically, those used in Juliet's work.  In the meantime, we have a small poster in the cabinet, a reminder to listen to our very own local radio station 'Radio Wivenhoe', and a new show, 'Wivenhoe Women' , in which some of our WDTL contributors will be interviewed.