Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Platform 1-crabs

This month sees poetry on platform 1 by Leanne Haynes and George McKissock. For more information on these poets please see our dedicated Platform 1 page.

Episode 1,

The crab slowly lifts his head,

sieves the sand in

fine inspection –

moves mastered by agility.

He notices my curiosity,

pen poised, edging towards

blank page-

He fast retreats.

Back to the hole from which it came

By Leanne Haynes


Some reek of sour mud

And lie heavy upon me,

Inert and unbreathing.

Others’ claws are sharp:

Cut the pages to pieces

Then scuttle away.

Some inhabit borrowed shells

Indifferent to my knocking

A surly refusal to play.

Even night’s elegant tracery

Is erased by waking light

Washing over me.

Magnificent monster

Lurking in the deep:

Exposure is waiting, and waiting.

By George McKissock

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