Saturday, 9 November 2013

“Underground Maps Unleashed”

We are excited to present our November & December 2013 Exhibition:  “Underground Maps Unleashed” by Wivenhoe residents Maxwell Roberts & Liz Newton.

About The Exhibition: Maxwell Roberts has designed and tested numerous experimental rule-breaking maps: these have charmed or infuriated people worldwide! Some of his maps have been shown to be easier to use than official designs. Maxwell's work has been exhibited in the Colchester Minories gallery, London, Germany, and USA.

This exhibition is particularly exciting, as it’s the first time these designs have been shown in their natural habitat, on a railway station. Liz Newton contributed the embroidery in the Ticket Hall.

About Maxwell Roberts & Liz Newton
Maxwell Roberts lives in Wivenhoe with partner Liz Newton. He is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of Essex. He has researched into intelligence and reasoning, but in 1999 designed his first Underground map, and the two halves of his life (maps and psychology) gradually merged. He has published two books on map design, "Underground maps After Beck" (2005) and "Underground Maps Unravelled" (2012).

Liz Newton, originally from Devon, obtained a degree and PhD at the University of Essex and is currently a lecturer in psychology at London South Bank University. She embroidered her first Underground map for the cover of the book "Underground Maps Unravelled", the second version is on display. Now, she is looking forward to knitting jumpers with art deco patterns.

Please visit our Art Section to see more about the pieces exhibited.
You will also find there contact details for Maxwell Roberts.

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