Friday, 24 March 2017

Announcement - Wivenhoe Creatives are adopting Off the Rails

As most of you will know, George and Charmaine have been looking for someone to take over the running of Off the Rails. I can happily announce that I will be the main point of contact for the project, and as a whole, it'll be subsumed under Wivenhoe Creatives (CIC to be).

So what’ll change?

In form, it'll be doing the same things as the excellent team have done all these years.  Into the future though we’ll be looking at ways of making it financially sustainable.

Sue Dawes will be producing two more editions of Words Down The Line before it has a revamp/relaunch in the autumn.

As for the art display boxes, we’ll be doing something for the Wild about Wivenhoe festivities in May, and after that have a regular change of artwork.

We’ll be posting about the project on the Wivenhoe Creatives site, blog, and Facebook page and group, though we’ll create a link so that the back catalogue can be seen. We’ll also at some point decide what to do about the OTR Facebook page. 

I know running everything through another set of platforms seems like a big change, but having too many digital platforms to manage (particularly for what is a volunteer role) can be confusing and exhausting (for the Wivenhoe Creatives group and me).

The advantage is that we can use Facebook’s ad function to publicise exhibitions and poetry. We also have a monthly newsletter, and we’ll dedicate a section of that to OTR.

We hope you’ll want to make the transition with us.

If anyone would like to help or if you have any thoughts on the project get in touch at

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