Sunday, 3 June 2012

June's exhibition by Juliet Lockhart

The new exhibition on platform 2 is by local artist, Juliet Lockhart.  Juliet is a visual artist, and her work is part written, printed, stitched, and constructed.  She works in many mediums including fabric, paper, wood, metal, natural objects, and fibre.
This exhibition is entitled 'Culpeper', and takes its inspiration from three elements: the 16th Century Herbalist, Nicholas Culpeper; photographs of plants Juliet has grown (which Culpeper used in the treatment of all things oral); and her children. 
For more information about the artist and to view more of her stunning work please see her website.
We hope to have a poster on Platform One shortly, which will describe some of Culpeper's remedies; specifically, those used in Juliet's work.  In the meantime, we have a small poster in the cabinet, a reminder to listen to our very own local radio station 'Radio Wivenhoe', and a new show, 'Wivenhoe Women' , in which some of our WDTL contributors will be interviewed.

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