Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What is‘Off the Rails’ project all about?

‘Off the Rails’ is about local people contributing to the appearance and community feel of their station. So we came up with the idea of showcasing local creative talent.
We believe in encouraging budding artists, writers, craft makers and gardeners to share their work with visitors to Wivenhoe station.  We also invite more established writers and artists to contribute to a rolling programme of exhibitions.

Wivenhoe attracts many visitors and residents because of its vibrant arts and literary scenes, and a large number of rail travelers use the station every week. Whether you are queuing at the ticket office, waiting for a train, or just feeling a bit blue, we hope the exhibits will delight, challenge or inspire you on your journey.

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Photo by Matt Linley


In 2012, the project won a National award for its community work.