Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Wivenhoe Photography Group contributes to Anniversary celebration

'Dreaming the Past' photograph by Adrian Multon, incorporating a drawing by Charmaine McKissock
Adrian Multon is delighted to be part in this exhibition marking 150 years of Wivenhoe Railway Station. Off the Rails commissioned Adrian Multon to create the above photograph on the theme of the present and the past of Wivenhoe Station.  'Dreaming the Past' uses cutting edge skill to incorporate a line drawing by Charmaine McKissock into the composition. This gives a dreamy ghostly feel to the atmosphere of the picture.

Adrian is a freelance commercial photographer. His commissioned work includes product, advertising, catalogue and editorial photography.Adrian also works with individuals and groups of all ages to improve their photographic and image editing skills.In 2010 he ran a series of one day Photoshop Workshops at the Nottage.

Adrian's personal work nestles somewhere between fantasy and reality, and is broadly guided by the pictorialist movement of the late 19th and early 20th century.He has exhibited in Colchester, London, Brighton, San Francisco and, of course, his adopted home town of nearly 20 years, Wivenhoe. His work has been published in various books and magazines, including front covers for Fusion Flowers and Colchester 101 magazines.

website: www.adrianmulton.co.uk
email: photo@adrianmulton.co.uk

Adrian belongs to the Wivenhoe Photography Group (WPG). WPG is an informal collective of photographers who meet once or twice a month to take pictures and discuss photography in the context of the wider art world. They also undertake the occasional group exhibition.They are not a camera club, so it doesn't matter the size of your equipment - just what you do with it.They do not charge any subs, and the only criteria for joining are enthusiasm for art and a relaxed attitude to life.

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